City Sandbox

7.4 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10

Easy to play | Quirky graphics

Issues with controls

Are you a builder? Do you enjoy building things from scratch and watching them grow into something amazing? Then you are going to love City Sandbox. If you are a fan of games that are like SimCity, then you will enjoy this immersive and fun game that will allow you a chance to create your very own 2D city that has roads, residential areas, skyscrapers, and so much more.

You will be able to choose from more than 120 different buildings, decorations, and items that will help you to create your very own city. You will be able to hook up electricity as well as water and even build parks and schools in order to keep your citizens as happy as possible. You can even make your building life harder by hitting your city with a meteor, or causing a citizen riot, or perhaps causing a very large earthquake.

City Sandbox5

If that isn’t weird enough for you, you could always inflate your citizens with helium and watch them float away.  This is a very in-depth type of game and it can be plenty of fun. The best part is that more content is added with every single update.

You will be able to individually construct and place more than 120 different structures to give you an above and beyond customized city building designs. You will be able to experience all sorts of disasters like a train derailment and more. Do you think you have what it takes to be able to recover your city from collapsing into nothingness. You can even play around with novelty tools. You can turn bathtubs into cars, or cause your people to be able to fly.

City Sandbox7

You can play in the classic mode which will give you a chance to balance the six key elements of power, population, peace, mood, water, as well as technology. You can experience different types of scenarios that are all based on your city’s rating like civil unrest and many more.

There is even a sandbox mode that will allow you to have the chance to customize just about everything that you can and even create your very own special buildings that are unlike any other. This will allow you to be creative or lazy when it comes to building what you want without all of the hassle. You can even save and then load your world for later play and you can do this for up to three different world. One thing that people find to be the best is the three voiced tutorials that will help you to learn all of the basics of the game easily and get you on your way to building faster.

City Sandbox10

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Basically, this is a very affordable and fun game that you are able to play just about anywhere. If you really enjoy building cities and being able to completely manipulate all of your surroundings for your interaction, then you are going to love City Sandbox. You will be able to build your own towns building by building and so much more.

City Sandbox is free to play.

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