City Life 2008

6.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 5/10
Sounds: 5/10
Graphics: 6/10

Fun and addictive gameplay

Lag between games

A city builder with massive size and depth, City Life 2008 gives you the features and quality that you want in the genre. Beautiful with its 3D engine, you will feel as if you are going into a real city that you built. It will look incredible, whether you are going for a unique city of your own or you are trying to recreate one. Regardless of what you build, the results are fantastic and unlike anything else out there. You can even use satellite and height maps to help you to do more, creating better cities than you can in any other game out there.


City Life 2008 makes a fantastic first impression. The 3D graphics are something you do not see often in these games, and it makes a large difference. The world suddenly feels real, and it engages and captivates you. As you build, it is like building a real city. It looks good. This is a high performance engine so you can expect excellent graphics and performance while playing. The 360 degree view of the city allows you unrestricted visuals of everything, taking advantage of the engine and graphics. It is as if you are flying overhead a real life city. Zoom in for a personal look at the people who make up your city.

50 maps, five environments, and over 360 buildings are available to you. This is a lot to play with as a builder. You can create the city design of your dreams, and you can connect it as you wish. There is a level of detail here that you do not get in other games. Design your city to your desires, and then redesign it when you want to do something new. The buildings do include actual places, allowing you to remake real cities. Go real or go imaginative, whatever you prefer.


Within your city, there will be six subculture. Each subculture is unique and has their own needs. It is your job as the person in charge to keep each one happy. Find a balance to reduce the risk of riots and problems, keeping everyone on the same team.

While keeping these individual subcultures happy, you will want to keep the entire city happy as a whole. Amenities, work, healthcare, and other important parts of a city should go into yours. Watch for what your people need and incorporate that.


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City Life 2008 has modular building. Using this system is easy to do for anyone, removing the complexity that some people experience in other games. You need no specific knowledge or training to use this game. Begin building immediately and to your own desires. Your limitations are in your imagination, not your skills.

Playing City Life 2008 will make anyone overjoyed. If you love city builders or want to get creative, this is the title to pick up. It offers the gameplay, graphics, features, and usability that you crave in this genre, and all in a package that you can appreciate.

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