City Island 3

7.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10

Large amount of content | Vibrant visuals

Pop-up ads can be irritating | Sounds could be better

This is the third city building game created just for you! This city builder allows you to build all the necessary constructions to create your metropolis, or you may only want a small village, it’s up to you. Don’t forget to create jobs for the people so you can pull in a profit. The people that live in your metropolis will put the word out about the places you and put in a good word for you as well, if you keep them satisfied that is.

You’ll have a beautiful metropolis after putting in a train station, of course, you’re going to need tracks for the train to come through the city on, along with some other miscellaneous things such as: parks for families to go together, little streams of water, and just about anything else you decide on.

City Island1

This will have you telling your own story as you go along, starting out with only a small village on each of the islands and working hard to turn each islands village into little cities, from there, you’ll be designing and developing a metropolis out of each of your little cities on each of the islands. You will do this by unlocking the archipelago that you are given when you begin the game. You will be in control and have the ability, as well as power to use your imagination and be as creative as you want. It is going to take someone with creativity and balance to pull this off.

This city builder is the sequel of a very popular city island builder, which by the way has had more than 15 million downloads, and that’s just up to now. It was created and developed by Sparkiing Society.

City Island2

It offers an exciting building sim that is going to let you get creative by making over 150 different unique items available for you to use for building and also includes decorating the lovely islands with the use of your own archipelago.

You will also be able to design and developed your very own virtual paradise with the help of many different quests that will be offered. The high quality graphics helps to bring everything to life, and makes it so much more interesting. There will be plenty of exciting and challenging tasks throughout your journey to keep you on your toes, and you’ll be able to collect rewards and receive achievements.

City Island3

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When building, keep in mind the things that will draw people to your city and make them want to stay, such as lots of trees, a train station with a train coming through the city and making one of its stop there, boats, and also parks. There are many things you can come up with that will help in drawing people to your city. You will want to upgrade your cities buildings for your profits to increase, they come from the commercial buildings you own. You will also be able to collect XP as you are leveling up, which allows you to unlock a different building for construction.

City Island 3 is free to play.

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