Cities XL Platinum

8.6 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Gorgeous landscapes

The multiplayer trading system is buggy

Cities XL: The City Building Game Of Choice

Developed by Monte Cristo, you play online and interact with other players on massive planets and work together through trading or developing blueprints for your citizens. Along with 50 new buildings, you have an awesome 1,000 structures to choose from. Unlike other city builder games, you can create your own fantasy of your favorite cities such as Paris and New York or anywhere else.

Your Goal:

You will develop and build truly impressive cities with so many varieties of structures and buildings to choose from. You are the mayor and must solve problems that your cities face such as transportation and energy supplies. Find a perfect balance for services such as housing, employment and recreational needs for your citizens.


Set up an ideal trading network with neighboring towns and bring about a huge financial success to your city.

Cities XL Platinum offers 62 maps giving you a wide range of variety, detailed scenery and amazing landscapes. Each step will give you great challenges to create the perfect virtual city! As you move along, you will unlock new areas for construction and gain access to many natural resources.

Networking between cities and crossing city limites allows you access to every city you have built. This in turn gives you a chance to specialize in your city’s businesses and link to resources and services.

Your Citizens:

This massively realistic platform shows different profiles of your citizens from their education to their expectations and activities. You, as Mayor, must take these profiles into account in order to provide citizens with services and activities they need.



This is an enormous online game, in multiplayer mode, allowing you to build cities on a planet that is hugely populated by other players, trade your resources, work together to form structures such as the Statue of Liberty, and visit other cities as an avatar.


You are given three types of buildings:

Commercial, residential and industrial. Residential, for example, consists of 4 social classes – unskilled or skilled workers, executives and the elite. Before starting construction, you’ll need to decide which class of citizens will be residing there.

You can zone areas of the map for individual building lots and literally drop buildings there. Cities XL Platinum also offers a new Mass Placement Tool, allowing you to select tags that define what categories of buildings you want to create within that area.


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Game Enhancement Modules:

Create places such as or ski resorts – add ski lifts, restaurants, ski trails, etc. This all happens through Gameplay Extension Modules (GEMs) allowing you to manage your city simulation.


Monte Cristo uses various third-party tools such as Earth Sculptor, World Machine and Geo Control which creates amazing realistic terrains. Giving you a much greater depth for your cities and more realistic and awesome landscapes.

In Conclusion:

If you are a huge fan of building games, Cities XL Platinum is right up your ally! Release your creative side and bring about the city of your dreams. For those of you with lower end PCs, worry not – Monte Cristo developed a 3D engine allowing your PCs to run just fine! So grab onto this game and enjoy hours of great creative fun!

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