Cities: Skylines

9.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 10/10
Sounds: 9/10
Graphics: 9/10

Easy to learn | Intuitive game mechanics

No day or night cycle | No autosave

Cities: Skylines is a large, detailed city building simulator where you play as the mayor. It is your job to make sure that everything is moving in the right direction, allowing the city to grow and the people to live happily. You have to find ways to create balance, to make everything move smoothly.

It is easy to do thanks to the controls and straightforwardness of the game, but difficult to master, especially as the game becomes more complicated. While there are hardships, it is a wonderful feeling when your city starts to look and work better than ever and everything is according to your plan.


The basics are similar to any city builder simulator out there. If you have played one, you know what to expect here. You start small but gradually work your way up to being the best city. You have to face challenges, you have to balance the budget and your needs, you have to work with several different types of needs, and you have to keep everything moving.

It is all here, but there is more to it. Cities: Skylines goes beyond the basics. There are more details here than you normally find in games, making it harder and harder to master and making it more challenging.


You are not just focusing on buildings. Yes, they are here, but, again, this game goes into more detail. You also have to consider education, police, healthcare, and various other necessities for life in a modern society. You have to find a way to budget all of this and make sure that your people have what they need. Work on bringing all of this into your city, work on making it all come together, and work on keeping your people happy and safe. There is a lot to manage, but that is what makes this challenging and exciting.

There are also districts. This means that everything you manage above has to work with each district. This brings on a new level of strategy and detail. You have a large city, all broken into parts. You have to make each part function properly and experience growth for the city as a whole to work.


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This is going to require that you put more thought and energy into the planning, that you think about everything before making decisions. You want each district to work without failure and without any troubles so that your city is in great shape.

For people who want to make Cities: Skylines a bit more personalized, there is mod support. Using the Steam workshop, you can find or upload modifications to the buildings or the game as a whole. These mods will allow you to make the most out of the game. You can make it more challenging, more visually stunning, more entertaining, or simply unique. The options with mods are nearly endless, especially if you are making them yourself. Find them, make them, share them, and see the wonders of Cities: Skylines come to life in front of you.

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