Champions of Anteria

7.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10

Nice mix of city building, RTS and RPG

Maps can get repetitive | Lacks depth

Champions of Anteria brings you on a fantastic journey. Destroy enemies, travel the world, and become the best you can be. In this world, it is all about proving your strengths in combat over and over again while helping to save the world, a task anyone can appreciate. To succeed, you have to go over the entire map, upgrade your champions, strategize, and think carefully about what you do. Every single thing you do in this game matters as it can irreversibly change the world. Be smart about this, helping the world to succeed one step at a time towards great things.

The gorgeous views are what hook you in from the start. Stunning graphics and visuals, this game is a treat for the eyes. It looks great for everyone, boosting up the experience and making you happier as you play. You become engaged, you want to explore, and you want to continue appreciating the graphics and art of this game. Since it is a Ubisoft game, you can expect clean and high quality graphics throughout your entire gaming experience. It is not the best graphics for a game, but it looks great and certainly maintains that image of excellence you get from it.


When it comes to travelling and seeing the world, the variety of places look phenomenal, too. The developers have added in multiple places to see and explore, all with their own unique appearance and features. This is another part of what makes Champions of Anteria beautiful, and what makes you want to explore. You can go to each place in any order you choose since the game does not determine your path for you.

Go on your own path. Choose what you do and which enemies to defeat based on what you want. This is not some RPG that gives you a direction and makes you follow it; you have control. Use that control to change the world. Go where you want to go, defeating the enemies you find along the way. Every action you take will alter this world so be careful.


Combat will force you to think and strategize. You have to find a perfect combination of champions that will win, destroying any opponent that stands in your way. You can change the champions of choice at any time so make sure to take advantage of this. It is perfect for any strategy.

Your champions are not stuck as you get them. You can improve them with armor, weaponry, and potions. There are other upgrades and crafted items that you can get between your battles that will help you immensely moving forward.


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Use everything you get and learn in Champions of Anteria to take down bosses. Massive boss battles will force you to build unique, informed strategies if you are to win. You will want to build a strategy for every boss battle and stick with it, or die horribly.

Champions of Anteria gives you hours of entertainment. You can strategies and battle all you want, and feel like there is a new and growing experience along the way.

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