Castle Story

6.7 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 5/10
Graphics: 7/10

Good mix of tower defense, strategy and sandbox

No proper tutorial | Clunky gameplay

Build a city and a life in Castle Story. You will build massive castles that spread over the entire land, you will build towers that reach into the heavens, and you will create a life for your little Bricktrons. It is an exciting adventure waiting for you on these floating islands. With friends, enemies, and wonders abound, you will always have something to do. Enjoy the strategic, combative, and city building aspects of this game while you explore the vast, hand-crafted map. There is a lot to this game that makes it one of the best there is, and one of the best you will ever play.


The world you start out in is amazing. All maps are hand-crafted by the developer to provide a detailed, high quality experience. What you enter and explore is something the developer took time to create, and it shows in every detail. The tools they used to create these maps are available to you, too. Player-created maps are a possibility, allowing you to bring your own imagination into this. You can share the ones that you create with other players and you can try out their maps, too. You have maps and choices available to you no matter how long you play.

In these maps, your goal is to build villages and castles. You will do this by exploring the map and collecting resources and shaping it to your liking. Castle Story uses little creatures called Bricktrons to do all of this. You will have them explore, grab what you need, dig and carve, and turn your land into the land of your dreams. However you want your map to look, you can carve it to look that way. This is why it is important to have a good, high quality starting map. This ensures that you have a good place to start.


Build on your map. Build villages and castles and towers, and whatever else you want. Do watch out, though. When building, real world physics is important. If the base of your structure cannot support the top, it will tumble and fail. To avoid this destruction, you must always keep it structurally sound and obeying the laws of physics.

Castle Story is not merely a builder. You have a combat aspect of the game, too, because of the intruders. Corruptrons will invade your land and attempt to destroy your home and you. You have to stop this from happening by destroying them first. Do this one of two ways – catapults and other weapons or by luring them to traps.


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If you want some help, or if you want to help friends, there is an online section of the game. Play alongside others while building and fighting. This makes it much easier to meet goals and do everything you need to do.

As you build higher and do more, Castle Story becomes a massive and gorgeous world. The creativity and strategy required here make it one of the most addictive, engaging games out there right now.

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