6.4 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 6/10

Good gameplay | New building designs

Few glitches | Lots of missing textures

Creating a successful town in CaesarIA is not easy. Unlike most other city building games, it requires an insane amount of detail, effort, and care. The depth of this game is something most players have not seen before. You will have to work to keep everything balanced, from the structures to the resources to the religion. Its focus is on realism, and requires a strategy that is completely new and unique. You have to approach this differently than you do other city builders if you want to do well. The delicate balance of the economy, society, and future growth are in your hands.


Building the city itself is going to basics. You will want to put time and thought into every point of the build, but there is depth here that you may not realize immediately. You have to think about how every building will affect the people, will change the economy, will change resource consumption, and will affect your city and the area around it as a whole. You have to let go of the thought that you are just putting buildings down. In CaesarIA, you are crafting a city that requires time, consideration, and effort to get just right. The result is a beautiful and functional city when done right.

The economy is one of the biggest parts of a functioning city. You will have to make sure that you have a good economy if your city is to flourish. This means taking care of taxes, resources, production, and all other areas of income and expenses for a city. Again, this game offers realism. Its focus is on realism. The depth for the economy does not stop at production and sales, like many other games. It has its own economy that replicates a real economy. You have to think like a leader and an economist to make it work.


When it comes to depth and realism, you cannot get much better than CaesarIA. You have to think about education, hospitals, military, and nearly every other aspect of a city. It is as much a strategy game as it is a city builder. You have to consider the needs of everything involved. You have to look at all areas of the city to keep it balanced and on track towards success.

You have a team of professionals helping you. Advisers and engineers and all other professionals can make sure that this comes out successfully. This will point you in the right direction as you continue to build and expand.


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As a city, you will have to handle delicate societal and governmental issues. You have to keep people happy, deal with migration, and handle diplomacy. You are the ruler, after all. Everything relies on your word.

If you like the depth and thought in this game, and prefer strategy and realism in your city builders, it is a perfect experience. CaesarIA does what it does exceptionally well, creating a unique experience that is true to life in many ways, at least according to the times.

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