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A basic city builder, Buildanaunts gives you the features and goals that you would expect. The difference is in the quality, detail, and engagement of the game. You have a beautiful world where you can create just about anything you want. Shops, homes, and amenities are all ready for you; you just have to get up and start building. Create the city of your dreams or make a city beyond what anyone could imagine. This world is yours to explore, build upon, and create. With your loyal and competent workers on your side, there is nothing stopping you from unleashing your full imagination.


You start with nothing. Really, there is nothing to your world when you set it up. You have to begin bringing in everything, making it a working city. There are not even roads for you to use as a, well, roadmap. You put everything down according to your preferences. Wherever you want a city center, a residential area, a recreation area, or whatever you want, you can put it there. You have full control over the layout of your city. It is a level of control and detail that most other games cannot offer, and is part of which this one is so special.


As you put down buildings, you will have power over their appearance, too. In most city builders, you get what you get when it comes to building style. That is not true in Buildanaunts, however. You can choose the way your buildings look, changing color and details and more. You have the choice in the matter. If you want to go with a specific aesthetic for your town, you can do just that. There are no restrictions or limitations here.

Throughout all of this, you will have to keep your people happy. You cannot forget about their personal needs as you build. Bring in amenities and care for them, growing with their needs. As you continue to build up your city, you will have to meet their demands and you will have to find the best approach to keeping them happy.


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You do not have a small space for doing all of this. One of the biggest advantages of Buildanaunts is its massive world. You can explore for a while and continue to find new land to use. It gives you the chance to build your city to incredible lengths and heights, creating the city that you have always wanted to create. You do not have to worry about limitations, difficulties, or restrictions. You are free to create the city as you see fit.

It looks great and it has nearly endless options, making it one of the best city builders available. At its core, it is a basic city builder, giving you what you would expect, but it does everything so well. Buildanaunts gives you options and features that you would not expect in this genre. It is all about your imagination and your control, allowing you to make it what you want it to be.

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