Blueprint Tycoon

8.4 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Colorful visuals | Easy to pick up

Laggy with large maps | Clunky control

You are to create the blueprints for an entire settlement in Blueprint Tycoon. You will create your own settlement, you will branch out to others and create trade routes, and you will manage all of the needs of your settlements and people. It is similar to many other building and tycoon games, requiring multiple levels of strategy and thought. You cannot simply jump into it and put what you want wherever you want it. You have to consider the potential profits and you have to find an approach that works. It takes effort and it takes strategy if you are to create an incredible settlement.

Settlement planning is a little different from city planning. You will have to think about creating an entirely new settlement, making sure that it meets the needs of its people and can sustain itself. There are a lot of similarities between the two, of course, but it does require a few adjustments to get everything just right. You will want to find a balance and strategy that works for your settlement, allowing it to grow and succeed in unimaginable ways.


While doing this, you will have to think about the people. Part of building a settlement is having a good group of people to live there. Feed and shelter them, keeping them happy. Pay them to keep them working. You have to make sure that you get everything set up for success if your settlement is to grow.

You are not simply putting structures down. Blueprint Tycoon requires a significant amount of thorough planning if you are to get it right. You will have to create and use blueprints, handle the supply chain, create products, give jobs to the appropriate people, and continue to build. You have numerous aspects of building and maintaining a settlement, and you will have to personally handle all of them.


Blueprint Tycoon does not force you to stay within your own little settlement bubble. You can travel outside of the settlement, colonizing other islands. Doing this will open up trade routes for you that you will desperately need as you play. This gives you the items and profits that can help you to grow.

Profits are important. This is true of any game, but you should not underestimate them in Blueprint Tycoon. The profit margin here is not as high as it is in other games, which means your wealth will not grow to unbelievable amounts. Managing life without a massive wealth sounds easy, but it does require extra effort and planning. If anything goes bad, you will not have the money you need for the work you want to do.


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Your goal is efficiency. Since the profits are not massive, you will want to work as efficiently as you possibly can. Plan everything around this, creating a system that takes as little as possible while giving more.

Blueprint Tycoon is an exciting, challenging game that brings you depth in a settlement builder. The features and gameplay make this an addicting title for any fans of the genre.

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