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Neighborhood building cannot get any better than Block’hood. It goes further than most other neighborhood builders do, providing a unique and challenging experience. Fans of the genre will appreciate the level of detail that goes into it, as well as the strategizing required to succeed. You will have to do more than throw buildings together if you want to do well; you will have to put a lot of thought and care into every move that you make. Avoid decay while keeping your neighborhood expanding, a balance that you will have to maintain with strategy and care unlike anything before.


Neighborhood building does not have to be all about putting buildings down where you want. Yes, that is the majority of them, but Block’hood proves that there is a unique and interesting approach to this genre. You can use blocks instead of buildings, requiring more strategy and thought. It is a new way to play this type of game that will force you to rethink how you play. This does not make it an unapproachable or impossible game at all, but it does make it harder to do well. You may have to do more than you normally do in these types of games.

To build your neighborhood, you will use blocks. There are over 90 types of blocks available in the game, each one with its own purpose and specifications. You can mix and match them, creating new combinations for your neighborhood. You will do this to create buildings and necessary structures. There are enough blocks available for you to create an entirely unique neighborhood that no one has seen before. Of course, there is more to this than just building.


Each block requires resources. You will see the input for the resources before putting it down, and you should weigh the effect this can have on your neighborhood. Resources are a necessary part of a functioning city and you do not want to overuse them. If a block does not get enough of the resources it needs, it will decay and bring down your entire neighborhood.

Each block produces resources, too. Think about what you need and what you can give as you build, maintaining a perfect balance. This will save your neighborhood from utter destruction and failure, which could happen if there are no resources left to give.


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Strategy is important for this reason. Block’hood requires that you look at the resources and blocks, that you consider what each one can do, and that you figure out the best approach. To avoid block decay and to keep your neighborhood growing, you will need to strategize considerably. You will have to figure out an approach that will keep your neighborhood thriving.

Block’hood is an educational, entertaining game. It teaches players about ecology and resource consumption in a fun, engaging way. It tells you what you have to think about when building a neighborhood and maintaining it. You will learn more about our requirements for every neighborhood, big and small.

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