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Unforgiving and very finicky

Banished: The Game of Ultimate Strategy

About Banished:

This game falls into the city building strategy genre, you are in charge of a group of exiled travelers who want to start new lives in a new land. Your group barely have the clothes on their backs and a few carts filled with supplies from their once occupied homes.


Your objective is to keep these people safe and alive in order to grow into a very successful civilization. In order to feed these people they must learn to hunt, gather, fish, trade and become strong agriculturists. Your town folks are born, grow up, have children, grow old and die.


One of your biggest challenges is to survive the winter months. Tailors must make proper clothing, everyone will build houses and burn firewood. Unfortunately, cutting down forests for firewood depletes the deer population for hunting. Your foresters can plant new trees but diseases can be found in the forests that have existed for centuries. Building enough homes is important in order for these people to move in and start their own families.

Not all is cut and dried for easy achievements. Farming for too many seasons will deplete the soil. Excessive fishing and hunting will lead to extinction, which in turn will lead to starvation. Allowing nomads into your town will help increase the population but could also bring in various diseases and illnesses which will be passed on to your villagers.


Anything positive can take place if your people have the needed materials. You are without money so you need to develop the fine skills of bartering with foreign traders. These traders are extremely important for adding annual crops and livestock for the village. The downside to the merchants is how long they have been at sea and have they brought new illnesses that can be contracted by your people.

Overall, there are 20 different occupations the people in a particular city can perform. Farming, hunting, blacksmithing, teaching, mining and healing to name a few. But there is no common strategy for each and every town. Some abilities are not applicable on specific areas of the map but lucritive and a must on other areas of the map.


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You can choose to mine for iron, replant forests or quarry for rocks. The downside to this, you will need the space required to expand and make the skills available.

Your success rests on making the correct management skills required for a given time.


Banished is an excellent time management game that gives you a great deal of options if you choose wisely. The fate of your villagers lies in the decisions you make and the knowledge of the map area you are inhabiting. If you

If you enjoy strategy games, this is an excellent game! Use your little grey cells and bring your civilization to a climatic rise!

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