7.6 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

Fun to play | Great concept

No option to change window size and sound levels

A city building and balancing game, BalanCity challenges you to create an entire city without letting it crumble. There are a few problems facing you when doing this, and it can make it harder to succeed in the end. You will have to balance, you will have to deal with potential disaster, and you will have to keep your people happy. Doing all of this requires hard work and time. Even so, the game is a lot of fun and will bring joy as you try to perfect your city’s structure. Fans of Sim City and of balancing games will adore the unique and entertaining value this brings.


Building your city is a basic aspect of the game. You will want a city that has it all, from homes to airports to everything you need for a running city. It is like Sim City in this regard. Like Sim City, you will have to bring in everything that your city needs to function. You will need to make it working, just like a real life city. You also have to make your people happy and make it a great place to live. It is not just about throwing buildings together as you see fit; it is about city planning and structuring the city to what works for your people.

You will structure your own BalanCity vertically. It is a balancing act, forcing you to keep everything vertical and balanced as you continue to build what you need. It is a difficult thing to do, but this is a challenge you may love. It forces you to think creatively and to find new solutions rather than putting structures anywhere. The amount of planning that has to go into your city is immense, far more than what you put into similar city building games. To avoid a falling city, you have to balance it.


A falling city is not your only risk. Other dangers and disasters exist that could tear down your city in an instant. Fires, meteors showers, UFOs, and more threaten to take your city out. These range from the realistic to the supernatural, so make sure that you are prepared for it all. Try to keep these disasters and their damage to a minimum.

Throughout all of this, you will have missions to complete. BalanCity offers some basic missions and tasks that force you to go in a specific direction if you want to do well. One of the tasks that you have in the game is to build certain monuments. You will want to do this before the destruction of the city if you want to succeed.


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The multitude of challenges and the unique approach to city building give you hours, days, and months of fun. You can continue to replay it as often as you want until you have the perfect city, and then you can let it destroy itself and start again. BalanCity gives you one of the best city building games on the market today.

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