Autumn Dynasty

8.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Beautiful art style

No Help or tutorial

Paint Your Way To Victory With The Game Autumn Dynasty

About Autumn Dynasty:

This wonderful new real time strategy game is designed perfectly for mobile touchscreens. You paint your battle plans onto the map, command your armies with simple brushstrokes and simple gestures. You add terrains, position your strategies, conquer your enemies and protect your lands.

Game Scenario:

The legend of Thousand Sun Weapon and the knowledge of firedust has kept the Autumn Empire safe and protected from foreign enemies. Now the protective powers have weakened, officials have become corrupt, unknown forces are leading peasants into revolt while seizing the empire’s secrets.


Civil war is on the horizon, you must take up your sword, stand on mountains and repair the sky!


  • RTS Experience
  • Train, Research, Construct and Fight
  • Excellent Story Campaigns
  • Paint Battles Directly Onto Maps
  • Gorgeous Painted Maps
  • Special Powers and Abilities to Turn The Battle Outcome
  • Thousands of Soldiers Battling Onscreen



There is truly a wonderful balance in this game. The game is not so easy that you will become bored nor is it so difficult that you would rather find something else to do.

Your goal is to defeat and conquer feudal China, ending civil war with the consolidation of her people. You must expand your empire with any resources available to you. Befriending or defeating various enemies or warlords will help you meet your goals.

One of your most important missions is to build cities in order to succeed. You need to spend some time planning your expansions into other territories. With each new improvement you will receive further advances. Although not particularly exciting, this part of the game is crucial to collect money for further advances and military forces.


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After establishing your city you can determine how you want to expand. You can command your forces with touch controls to infiltrate opposing cities. Try using diplomacy for a different twist that could bring about great rewards. Once in battle the game turns to real time.Beautiful Chinese watercolor brushes are unveiled with a single swipe. Use these brushes to guide your troops and these strokes are amazingly simple to follow and simple to use!

Your victory lies in choosing the right military, performing the proper tasks. Even if you are new at this game and get somewhat confused, feedback will quickly get you on the right path, using the best tactics. City building, combat and expansions work together in the most perfectly befitting procedures. Autumn Dynasty is an unsurpassed, exciting mobile strategy game. If you like strategy games, grab your mobile device and just have hours of fun!

Autumn Dynasty is free to play.

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