Asterix & Friends

6.9 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 6/10

Addictive gameplay

It can get boring after a while

You will be playing the role of the indomitable warrior ‘Gaul’  and will be responsible for rebuilding the village that has been destroyed by the Roman army, and led by the command of Caesar in this comical gameplay of Asterix & Friends. It’s free to play and strategic.


Gamers will collect resources, build buildings, together raise a resistance to go up against the Roman legionnaires, as they are trying to destroy the land. You will get assistance throughout your journey from famous cartoon characters, some are going to benefit you while others only cause you trouble.

Good Storyline

It takes place in 50 BC and The Emperor is none other than Caesar, who commands the Roman army. As Gaul, you will control all of the territory around, and gather the people to stand up to Caesar. To make things even worse, there are many villages that are refusing to pay taxes to t he Roman rulers.


Time to rebuild your village

You will begin rebuilding the village and create a defense system to protect the village the best you can. There are many different options to choose from when you start building, you can build a carpenter building, a Stonemason and a blacksmith which will benefit you throughout the gameplay for making weapons and different resources and other products needed.

Create and train an army

The production buildings that you have constructed produces all the weapons that supplies the army you have also created. You will be sending your army on missions, and the biggest mission is going to be fighting the Romans. By making selections on the map you’ll have the ability to judge how strong the Roman army is, and just where they are located.


The missions

The NPC will be giving you a variety of different tasks, one of which will have Asterix and Obelix, you will be given the mission of helping them with the Gallic resistance. The quests offered will consist of different activities such as building certain types of buildings, gathering resources, and training different troops.

Once you earn XP in order to level up, you’ll have the ability to unlock some new abilities and also new features, even Sesterce (game currency).

Roman helmets

There are many different ways to get food when it runs out, one of them, and the easiest would be from the village farm. Of course if you hunt and fish for some food you might get lucky and get a special item that is given out during hunting and fishing, these items will benefit you during your journey’s as some are weapons, and there are also some that has upgrade materials.


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Each time you level up you have a good chance of receiving more food as well. It also gives you an opportunity to get more Sesterces. Another way is from the butcher, and you can also get more money from powering up and hunting boars.

You will also need to gather all the resources you can and get the homes rebuilt for a place for the people, so they can return to the village so you can recruit them. You’ll need to recruit warriors, even feeble ex-warriors such as Lunatix, Obelix, and Democratix, as well as many others.

Asterix & Friends is free to play.

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