Anno 2070

8.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Decent music, video, and interface settings

DRM make the game simply unplayable. Issue with Uplay

Anno 2070: The Fun and Addictive Futuristic Game

About Anno 2070™

The year is 2070, rising ocean levels have destroyed coastal cities and climate changes have created enormous areas of uninhabitable land. This award-winning strategy game offers a world loaded with challenges that requires diplomacy, masterful resources and the grand ability of trade.


You must colonize islands, create a society for the future and develop enormous cities with major amounts of buildings, resources and vehicles. You will be engineering Oil Refineries, Diamond Mines and Robot Factories for the ability to trade goods and materials.

This new addition to the Anno franchise adheres to the fundamentals of the very successful series. New settings are bringing amazing new gameplay mechanics, architectural breakthroughs and excellent new challenges. You will be able to construct massive cities like nothing seen before in the Anno series!


You must face the challenges of your current world by developing the world of the future. You can be either an Eco and develop a more sustainable, environmentally friendly world or become a Tycoon pursuing an industrial, efficient world.

Your decisions will have a major impact on your environment, the architectural surroundings and the overall population. Grab onto the transport system and discover the mysteries of the sky and sea while developing an enriched economy.

There are some really cool enhancements and new features in Anno including forging powerful alliances to shape and expand your clout. Take up smuggling of various materials and wares between various harbors without being caught by coastal patrols.

The Global Meltdown:

Humanity is desperately trying to recover from a total meltdown, leaving all economical and environmental needs well below sea level. You are solely responsible for weighing both economical and environmental demands and realizing your decisions will have a major impact on one or both.


As land is scarce, conflict is on the rise. The decisions you make regarding your colony’s structural layout, the kinds of structures you create and the way you collect resources will have a major impact on your gameplay. You must balance the need for expansion while protecting the very fragile ecosystem.

The Ecos vs The Tycoons:

The industrious Tycoons prefer unsustainable coal mining and junk foods causing the consumption of their ever needing rapid economic growth. The Ecos use green power and eat healthy foods, forming a stable but slow growing economy.

A third group is in the mix. The nerdy scientists, aka Techs, offer helpful research, advanced technology and the ability to create underwater colonies.


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You are given an extremely addictive free play building and expanding agenda. If you prefer a more specific environment you are offered quite a few missions to play solo or with multiplayer maps. New World Events are accessed online with smaller missions on a daily basis. You can vote with other players to choose your leader for the Senate and World Council. The elected leader brings along perks for the ruling faction.

Anno 2070 offers a an exceptionally beautiful appearance with an amazing futuristic look to it. Each area has its own unique structures, activities from vehicles or smooth running animations of farms and other industrial working conditions. Excellent animation also covers citizens going about their business and robot drones hovering over head.

This futuristic gaming adds a really fresh breath of air to this strategic game. It’s, without doubt, a gorgeous environment and not just a rehash of some other game. Anno 2070 truly does focus on excellent gameplay. With it’s good balance of storyline, good looks and addictive gameplay, you really need to come on over and check it out!

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