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Landlord has one of the biggest areas on Facebook. This is a highly addictive game of construction that is hard to put down. It entertains in a different way that is appropriate for all audience… Read More »

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Modern Cities. IBM CityOne is a strange little city builder. It is in no way bad, actually a lot of fun to play, but it offers… Read More »

The gnomes have gone off on their own in Gnomoria. They are making their own kingdom, one where they can have peace and where they can support themselves. Making this happen, however, is not so… Read More »

Pre Civilization: Marble Age is a turn-based historical simulation strategy. It is charming and simple, yet surprisingly challenging. You’ll get to expand and unify Greece and Mesopotamia. You can even decide to build an empire… Read More »

Become a pirate legend and build a private haven on Island Fortuna. This is a realistic 2D strategy MMO that is accessible on the internet and on Facebook. Pirates: Tides of Fortune is tapping into… Read More »

Build your own empire! Paradise Island is a game for all sun and sea lovers. Are you ready for a vacation but your time off is still months away? Escape to your own special island… Read More »

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Medieval Cities. Pirate Village is a Facebook based city builder game that sets itself apart from other games. Become a Pirate Captain and construct a… Read More »

Build up farm and city in From Farm to City: Dynasty. Your beginnings are simple and expected, with just a small piece of land. This land, however, grows and improves over time. It goes from… Read More »

Dawn of Discovery will give you a chance to live in Anno 1404 that will give you a linear campaign and plenty of customizable gameplay. There is a lot to really discover, as well as… Read More »

You will be playing the role of the indomitable warrior ‘Gaul’  and will be responsible for rebuilding the village that has been destroyed by the Roman army, and led by the command of Caesar in… Read More »