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Knights and Merchants takes you back to the middles ages, a time of knights and kings and battles. You are living as Captain of the Palace Guard in a place that is very much close… Read More »

Are you ready to journey into the past and become a part of Sparta? You have been chosen by King Leonidas to lead your City-State against the powerful Persian empire and Xerxes. You will create… Read More »

Are you ready to go back in time with the Sims? You can now transport yourself back in time to medieval times. With all new graphics and gameplay, you can create your very own heroes,… Read More »

You can play Smurfs’ Village free charge. The only exception to allowing this courtesy is if you should decide to add some additional in-apps to your  content. If you are the type that would like… Read More »

Social Empires is better than your average building game. You will start with a small town square and then farm food that you can feed to your villagers and increase your population. You can build… Read More »

Rule the Sky is a mobile game that is similar to Farmville, but instead of controlling the land, you are in charge of the sky. You will have complete control of a floating island that… Read More »

Are you ready for an all new role playing adventure game? Rule the Kingdom is now available to play for free on iOS, Facebook, Android, and Windows Phone.  It isn’t very often that you get… Read More »

The Battlefield welcomes you to: Tribal Wars 2 Tribal Wars 2, it’s free for you to play, and it can be found online. It can also be played on your Tablet, or your iPhone,. A… Read More »

The existence of Travian has kept the interest of gamers since it was released in 2004. And after all this time it is still holding their attention. It is a proven fact, that now, ten… Read More »

The World of Zellians is torn apart by feuds that have split the kingdom as well as stopped the building and production of goods. It will be your goal to help the kingdoms unite and… Read More »